The HARDEST thing we’ll ever face in life is the realization of how little time we have to make a difference. We should only fear the day we realize life might have passed us by – it is by far the worst tragedy. When you leverage the possibility of what you can achieve, it has […]

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SUB-3² CHALLENGE ~Sub 3-hour road marathon, transition to a sub 3-hour marathon ocean swim. Brutal, yet simple~ I issue this challenge to the professional triathlon community because a charity race between two endurance athletes, mono-a-mono, would be an amazing way to not only push ourselves to the breaking point, but most importantly, create a


Shut It All Down

There is a certain amount of safety we relish about being comfortable. We fear leaving the ‘bubble’ and heading out into the unknown. There are those who blaze a trail without fear, without a distinct direction, because their path doesn’t have a road map. They want more out of life. In order to find what

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Through the Fog

We can’t expect to see the beauty of the world, when we struggle to see though negative ‘blindness’. It’s easy to put ourselves in a rut, and stay that way, because unfortunately that’s how a lot of the world operates. At church this past weekend, it was a blessing to hear the homily of Father

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The Battle

Mother Nature has a way of throwing her weight around when we choose to challenge her. As winter hits full force here in western Pennsylvania, taking off on the frozen pavement in nothing more than running shorts, shirt, gloves and a hat allowed my body to be subjected directly to the cold. Something we all

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Cold Water Crewing

GREETINGS FROM NORTHERN IRELAND! Kim’s 13:06 success in the North Channel yesterday made her the 3rd female and 1st person from the southern hemisphere (New Zealand) to complete the ‘Oceans Seven’ Challenge! Amazing Job Kimberely!! We are (as well as supporters from around the world) SO PROUD!!! I wanted to write a blog to help

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