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“I cannot do ______ because…”

How often do you hear someone give you that line? I hear it a lot. In the long term plan, excuses are brutal. Not living or accomplishing your dreams because of some PERCEIVED WALL in your path leaves you a sub par life. I live life the best way I know how because there are many out there who haven’t been given the gift of health, and are struggling to hold onto life each and every day. They would GLADLY take your ‘difficult’ life from you WHENEVER you want to trade! Maybe we forget how AMAZING our lives are? You know there are also those who don’t want to hear this message because being negative is so much more fulfilling than to be positive? I don’t get that.

If you put up the wall against your dreams, or you listen to those who tell you aren’t good enough, or to not take the risk, then you aren’t living life – you’re simply getting by. I remember when someone told me to not run my first marathon, or swim the English Channel because it was dangerous…

…thank God I didn’t listen to that person.