“Some people dream of worthy accomplishments, while others stay awake and do them.”

It only seemed fitting to write about a recent find in my fortune cookie because the biggest challenge we all face in life is to only dream about our goals, or the ability to take the necessary steps toward them. Lack of confidence in ourselves to achieve is the greatest threat we face as a generation looking to make the necessary changes our country requires. Real leadership comes from within. If you are not mentally at a level to lead, you must focus on steps to become a leader… certainly not a follower.

How does one stop dreaming, and start accomplishing? The first step toward leadership is to toss out the garbage in your life that is taking up your time and messing with your thought process. Tabloid magazines, useless television drama or a stockpile of video games. I enjoyed video games once as well… when I was 10. And trust me, no one on TMZ could care less about your life, so why put so much time into knowing about theirs? You see, video game “heroes” and celebrities are equal in a weak mind. We see something we wish we were, or could become. Instead of taking steps to be stronger, we are taking steps in reverse because of the fictional life we are desiring. It gives us that quick fix. You want to be a hero? A celebrity? How about mentoring a young woman or man through the Boys & Girls Club? You see, that is a real hero, and one that is building leadership in oneself, and in that young mind they are leading.

The second step toward being a formidable leader is to choose a difficult task to accomplish, one that is going to truly take you out of your comfort zone. It does not have to be a huge, massive effort, just something simple as jogging a 5K, beginning a weekly gym routine, eating a healthier diet or conquering your fear of speaking in front of a group. You don’t start out crushing mountains, but by moving stones. With every task you overcome, it only makes you stronger and more confident to achieve. You must think of yourself as something which can be forged through fire. Hard work and dedication are the only way to success. There are way too many talkers. We need people who want to take action.

The final step is to maintain consistent growth through goal setting and achievement. Complete confidence in yourself can only be achieved once you have learned the art of setting, working toward and accomplishing any task. The victory is in the trials you face. As you progress over the years, you will forge a powerful leader, capable of taking on whatever challenge they might face. A being that is capable of leading others toward the success they desire. Encouraging and leading others has a snowball effect. It creates more leaders, and those leaders create their web of leadership as well.

Leadership begins at the home, and resonates through your life example. Don’t rely on others to alter history for you. Take charge and do it yourself. That’s power.