Speaking Coach

Why Choose Darren? Experience matters.

Does traveling to 5-star resorts, working for an hour or two, and getting paid well to do what you love sound great? Do you command a stage, and dream of delivering your inspiring message in front of a few thousand people? Maybe you had an incredible life experience, or you know what it takes to run a Fortune 500 company? This is a reality if you want to work hard. Many people want to speak, however there are a lot of questions you might have. I know that feeling. Let’s get you started on an exciting career as a professional speaker.

What You Can Expect from Darren.

• A step-by-step approach to create your core message based on real-life experiences
• Craft your individual brand to create a web presence and begin marketing yourself via social media
• Outline a plan to harness photography and videography to create a strong speaking video to promote your business
• Detailed instruction on successful best practices around content based on your specific target audience
• Making the final decision on beginning to get paid, and how to ask for your value