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I want to know your goals, any challenges your team faces and the focus of your engagement. You will understand my value, the actionable process and future takeaways. Let’s set a time to connect. I have the experience to make you feel confident with your pitch to management.

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The F.O.R.E.V.E.R. Blueprint

For over a decade, Darren has been delivering his message – both on the stage, and via Zoom – across the United States, Europe and Asia. The F.O.R.E.V.E.R. Essentials are individual concepts he has developed throughout two decades of financial sales, grueling endurance challenges and non-profit management. When combined, The F.O.R.E.V.E.R. Blueprint is a systematic, step-by-step half, or full-day seminar designed to release the full potential by developing peak mental tenacity. He sets himself apart from his competition because there is no scientific research. This is a raw, ‘been there, done that’ approach that drives his audience to develop the tools to counter adversity throughout their lives.



FINDING Purpose for Your Pain

The entry point. We are introduced to the concept of finding the catalyst from within each of us. Everyone has a different struggle within. We learn to harness the darkness for the change we seek.

OPEN Your Eyes to Appreciate Life

We work to provide vision and the reason why we must be relentless. There are many who have not been as fortunate. For those who lost the battle early, we remain steadfast in our pursuit.





REMEMBER to Keep Family, Work and Passions in Balance

Our family is everything. We take a deep dive into our current situation and work to leverage our passions to impact growth from within. This discipline filters over into our work. The three pillars provide balance.

EMBRACE Positive Self-Talk to Keep Moving Forward

We work to create the ability talk through the barriers we face, and learn to ignore when the mind is telling the body to stop. We are all challenged at times, but learning to filter the noise to remain positive the majority of the time is vital.





VISUALIZE the Heroes in Life Who Drive You

The heroes are those who taught us the value of grit, determination and the higher purpose. We work to identify the ‘Third Boat’ within our lives – my most powerful visualization which has pushed me when I was at my lowest points.

ESTABLISH A Consistent Management Routine

It is not only about how we manage our work, but how we manage our entire well-being. Our daily routine of consistent growth is the focus, and how we can find those necessary hours throughout the week to continue pushing forward.





REINFORCE A Legacy of Leadership

We tie all the concepts into legacy, and put a profound focus on what mark we are going to leave behind. We lead with purpose, truth and conviction to care, love and provide a lifetime of exploring the limits of our existence.

Seminar & Keynote Pricing

Darren’s speaking fee will vary based on a variety of factors – audience size, specific industry and length of engagement. He is more than willing to discuss your event budget, and find a way to make it work to engage with your team.

Promotional Head-shots

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Presentation Agreement

The Presentation Agreement will be drafted and included after the initial consultation.

Audio/Visual Information

  • While Darren’s voice projects well, please include a wireless microphone. He does not like to have his hands tied to holding one.
  • If your facility has the ability to take a video recording and professional photography, please make Darren aware.
  • Darren utilizes presentation slides via a laptop, or he is able to pass along the slides to the A/V contact for your event for uploading. Please make sure your projector has the necessary cables which connect to an Apple Mac Air laptop. His presentations include energetic video. Please have audio made available to broadcast sound to your audience.
  • A biography on Darren will be included along with the Presentation Agreement. Please keep the introduction brief.
  • If your audience is interested in asking questions after the presentation, Darren is fine with making himself available.
  • Darren’s presentations are sure to gather your attention from start to finish. He is driven to motivate your team to lead by example. Nothing is more rewarding than a fun and engaging audience.