Shut It All Down

There is a certain amount of safety we relish about being comfortable. We fear leaving the ‘bubble’ and heading out into the unknown. There are those who blaze a trail without fear, without a distinct direction, because their path doesn’t have a road map. They want more out of life. In order to find what has yet to be discovered, one has to see what isn’t there; where others have been blind. They understand that every breath we have is a gift.

We are quick to idolize, and fantasize over pictures or pay outrageous amounts to buy what THEY have. Take a step back, and ask, “Is this making my life better?” It gives a quick fix. It’s that simple. Are you wishing you had the life of someone else? I challenge you to reflect, and see your life in a different light. What brings you strength? It doesn’t matter if you think you have it all together. We can all learn new ways to make us stronger. That starts right now.

When you venture into the unfamiliar, you break free from the chains that hold you down. People are held back by themselves. I SEE IT ALL THE TIME. The risks I took got me where I am at this point in my life, but don’t have to travel the globe and swim, or run extreme environments to find yourself. You can do that right in your own backyard. Take a hike. Literally. Have someone watch the kids, and head out for a weekend without any communication. You’d be amazed what you find out when all you have time to do is think about your life in silence. SHUT IT ALL DOWN. I have found the most out about myself while alone. 

Life is way too short to sit around wishing. Dream big, and take that next step. Do what you love, and love what you do. If you aren’t out accomplishing your dreams, than you aren’t living the beautiful life God has blessed you with. To be honest, I get tired of seeing the potential others have but flush it away because they perceive life being too difficult. Seriously, suck it up, and don’t be afraid to show what you’re made of. Believe in yourself that your dreams are going to come true.  If you know how to push hard, then how can you be anything other than positive about your future? ALL IT TAKES IS HARD WORK! Anything is possible when you just believe. If you fail, you fail. IT ISN’T THE END OF THE WORLD.

Life doesn’t go on when you allow it to crush you. That is motivation to get back up and push even more. Those tough times are what make us the strongest! No matter how difficult your day is, someone out there is having a much tougher one. Quit complaining, because the world doesn’t care how hard you think you have it.

It’s your choice. Time is ticking away…

With respect,