Through the Fog

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We can’t expect to see the beauty of the world, when we struggle to see though negative ‘blindness’. It’s easy to put ourselves in a rut, and stay that way, because unfortunately that’s how a lot of the world operates. At church this past weekend, it was a blessing to hear the homily of Father Joe Freedy ( who reminded the congregation why he doesn’t watch television, or play video games, “Because I am too busy LIVING!” Aside from many other positive aspects of his preaching, that aspect stuck out to me the most. Learn to entertain yourself without any influence. There is an amazing amount of adventure outside your door that will make you only appreciate life more each day! Turn off those influences for a few days and try it…fr-joe-freedy

THE WORLD IS HOW WE VIEW IT. Are we truly living our lives, or chalking up a weak existence? Do we feel we are entitled to something, or understand the world doesn’t owe us anything? If we focus on that what brings us down, how can we ever move forward? I love when I people think I believe my life is perfect, and that gives me the right to step up on the soapbox. If you know me, I will be the first to admit my imperfections, because there are plenty. People come to me for advice because I refuse to see the negative in anything; not because I’m always right, but because I don’t care what the situation is, there is a positive side to EVERYTHING! I made that promise to myself a long time ago. I say it all the time, if you think you have it tough, message me your number and I’ll be glad to give you a call. Won’t cost you a dime, and I guarantee you will hear something you never have before…

Last night, after 7-miles of an 11-mile speed work-out, I left the confines of the gym at my apartment complex because I was overheated, sweating profusely and felt claustrophobic. Jumping off the treadmill, I ran upstairs and dropped off my keys, water bottle, shirt and bandana to head out into the mid-30s, pouring rain, fog-strewn landscape of downtown Pittsburgh. Running across the Rachel Carson Bridge, and along the Allegheny River down to the Point, I felt free despite the intermittent pain of fatigue. Every time I felt like I was slowing down, I sped up, despite how I felt. I yearned for the point where I couldn’t continue any further, but like everything I’ve completed, I never get to feel that. Arriving at the Point, I was hunched over, with hands on my knees in exhaustion. I looked up to see an awesome landscape of the center point of three rivers, with an intense fog that stretched its arms all around me. I was completely drenched in sweat and rain, shoes were waterlogged and the steam was rising off my body as I stood, smiled up to the sky and headed into the city and around town to finish the final few miles on the North Shore.

Was the weather poor in Pittsburgh yesterday? That depends on who you ask. There is no such thing as bad weather – just soft people. How did you view your day? Hopefully, you saw it as an opportunity to smile up to God and be thankful…