Growing Your Life Resume

The most financially successful people I have met had one common characteristic: they didn’t let the comments of those who didn’t believe in them affect their outlook. We are a generation which cares so much about how others view us, that we get lost in the shuffle of either wanting to be someone else, or giving up on our dream because someone told us we weren’t any good. At some point we are all told to not go after something because it is too risky, or to try something less challenging because it was obvious we weren’t cut out for it. Tune that out!


Your business, your college dream, your athletic challenge is out there just waiting to be achieved. Your mindset, and the approach you take to solving an issue are what might need a little tweaking if you are not on the fast track to success.

  1. Where is your focus? Do you honestly believe that you can accomplish it? If you do not visualize yourself being successful, then you have already failed. Don’t kid yourself, or waste the time of those around you and ultimately, hurt yourself. Go into the battle with a clean mind, an open heart and the belief that anything is possible.
  2. Write down the steps you need to take and do not be afraid to let someone close to you know about it. You don’t have to broadcast it on social networking, just let your parents, training partner or maybe a business colleague know what you’re up to. Even more important, pick someone that believes in you whole heartedly, as you don’t want anyone who could possibly question what you ultimately want to do.
  3. Maintain, and sustain that passion day in, day out. Nothing cuts a dream short than when we give up when the going gets a little tough. Your goal is worthless if it doesn’t take you out of your comfort zone, and push you to your limits. History teaches us one thing about those who changed the world – they weren’t afraid of a little pain. Keep that positive energy flowing, and keep anything which bleeds negativity out of your sights!


What makes you the strongest is the face in the mirror, and no one else. There is no secret to achieving what you want in life. It takes time, dedication and the perseverance of a lion to continue fighting long after so many others would have left the field. How does your life resume read? Would someone hire you to be their leader, or would they discard it? We only get one shot at this incredible blessing to live – why fill it with anything less than your best?

With love and respect,