Lead With Heart

We’ve all been in a place where we make decisions based on heart. We know those decisions can move us into a place of uncertainty. An unknown space where we are unsure of the outcome but press forward with what we feel is right. It’s tough. We want to make the best decision based on the current situation; for ourselves, our families and those who support us with unrelenting passion. I am grateful for a select few I can truly call close, and the many others who value the relationship we carry together.

Like many, I recently had the pleasure of viewing the Netflix documentary, ’14 Peaks – Nothing Is Impossible’. Simply put, it is a story about a relentless passion for pursuing a life worth living, despite the obstacles put in our way. It was very overwhelming for me, as I completely understand the mindset of doing whatever it takes to be successful in a life-changing adventure. It took me back to so many decisions I made over a decade ago. I took on the ‘Oceans 7’ challenge to prove that anyone can accomplish something extraordinary when they put their entire mind, body, and soul into an endeavor where the outcome is not certain. It directly paralleled so much of what I was feeling at a time when those closest to me were concerned for my choices to tackle some of the harshest environments in the world. As detailed along the journey, the outcome changed me forever. I traveled the world and developed friendships and memories that carry me through those times when uncertainly reels up in our lives.

I believe in the power of prayer. I am active in my church for the many reasons as to how I was raised. My faith asks me to lead the life of assisting those who have deeper challenges than anything I faced. Values of hard work, dedication and sacrifice are in the bloodlines of our family. Many of these people I put on a higher level in my life are those that inspired me, and some whom I had never met. For my ancestors who worked the coal mines, the railroads and blue-collar lifestyles who built this country are alive and well in my mind daily. If you want inspiration for your goals, remember those who have tirelessly pushed for a better life for the ones we live today. For them, we cannot give up the fight. Being complacent leads to an unfulfilled life. For our own honor and our legacy, continue driving to be that source of inspiration that will lead the next generation to strive for the same. The life experiences I had, and continue to challenge myself with, are a testament to those who have gone before and is dedicated to those who are ready to lead with the same passion

I’ve been to the dark place. It’s a challenge. I want my story to revolve around a passion to never give up when life is too difficult to face. We are always going to have struggles, and we will continue to face the ‘pain cave’ over and over. We all desire for the ability to sleep in peace at night knowing we gave the day our best. I am still in that fight. I’m not sure if I will ever sleep in peace because I know there is more that I can be doing. I will never settle for anything less. I pray that anyone else who continues to struggle at times, and sometimes feels cursed with tough luck to keep moving forward. There is a light at the end of every dark tunnel, and we can get there together.

Lead with your heart. Continue to be that source of inspiration for others through your example. We are not always going to make the best decisions, and sometimes those will come with a price to pay. Accept it. Own it. Keep those supporting people in your lives who believe in you. Be there for them in return. I honestly love the struggle because it is what makes our lives tolerable.

I am proud of the example we set for our children. I am proud of the spirit to drive forward through uncertainty and believe in myself. We all have that ability. Take time to yourself, in a quiet place to ask, “who am I, and what I am capable of achieving?” I know my purpose in life, but that didn’t come without significant challenge. It all began with not being afraid of the unknown. It has provided me with a lifetime of memories, two incredibly perfect children and a way to inch closer toward being at peace in my heart. The future is yours for the taking. May we always carry on focusing on the best possible outcome. When we take our last breath, we should all desire to be at peace – whenever that might be.

Take every step, every hour and every day in stride. Focus on controlling what you can. When you reach that point of being broken down, exhausted and don’t see the end in sight, fight like hell. You got this. Throw back every punch you took and experience all the beauty that this incredible opportunity of life provides us all.

With respect,