Smile Through The Pain

Passion for life is everything. Leverage what you love, and use it to help others. I find the hardest thing is meeting people that have so much ability, but don’t believe in themselves. Whether you believe it or not, you are destined to do amazing things. The longer we take to start attacking our challenges, the closer we come to our final hour when life won’t give us any more chances. There will come a day where your gift will no longer shine. Time does not wait for you to make decisions. We think too much, and ponder them way too long.

I’ve come across people who had something I wanted, but was fortunate to realize I had to stop making excuses, and went out after it. I suffered and labored hard to give life everything I had to accomplish my business and athletic challenges. I am still in the fight every single day! You want something bad enough, then you better be willing to make the sacrifice. If it isn’t difficult to achieve, then it wasn’t worth it in the beginning.

We forgot what it takes to struggle. We owe a debt to the next generation to instill the work ethic which made this country strong. Respect is earned, not given through entitlement. One reason I am so passionate about endurance athletics is because of the levels of the dedication and perseverance necessary in order to be successful. It teaches you to think outside the box and handle anything thrown your way in order to complete the journey. All the money in the world won’t buy you an English Channel swim, completing Western States or summiting K2. It must be earned through many grueling years of training the mind and body for success.

I appreciate and embrace the struggle. You have to work for what you want. Nothing is just thrown into your lap. If you are of the ‘lucky’ few where it was, then I am truly sorry. You will never know what you are capable of achieving because someone never gave you the option to work for it. We struggle with negativity because we want everything, but are unwilling to work for it. We all are lost at times, so get over it! I can promise that whatever you want, you can achieve. It is that simple. You have to embrace the struggle, hold onto that passion and drive yourself forward with every ounce of your being. True strength comes from being strong enough to smile through the pain.

Love and respect,