Let Freedom Ring

Running around the Point this morning, the sun glistened off the water as it rose about the Allegheny, warming my path as I did 1K fast repeats around Point State Park. It was chilly out, but I’ll take the cold every day for training if able as I love running when the temperature drops.

I was reminded of one of my favorite song lyrics from the Dropkick Murphy’s:

“So as you walk out the door
Take care, and always be sure
That the ones in your life
Know that you love them tonight
Fate has one guarantee
And we all must agree
That the best laid plans
May all change by tomorrow…”

When you appreciate life, you understand the gift we have at our finger tips. I can’t make you understand that, or force you to do anything – you have to want that for yourself. The grand adventure you have with each and every new morning is the most amazing blessing in this world. As we begin our Memorial Day weekend, let’s be thankful for the sacrifices the veterans in our families have made, those around the county as well as all women and men who continue to serve around the world. You are all my heroes. Thank you for your helping secure my freedom in the country I love. So as you walk out the door this weekend, remember to tell those in your life you love them. We never know what the future holds, but if today was my last, I surely want to go out with a smile. Trust me, it doesn’t hurt at all to make someone feel special.