Lead With Heart

We’ve all been in a place where we make decisions based on heart. We know those decisions can move us into a place of uncertainty. An unknown space where we are unsure of the outcome but press forward with what we feel is right. It’s tough. We want to make the best decision based on […]

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The Mirror

There is a warrior inside us all. Hunched down low, eyes focused, primed to rise at a moment’s notice. It’s the spirit we had at one point in our lives. Maybe when we were young and carefree, running wild through the woods, along the ocean or down city streets. It is always there. We now

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The Catalyst

This is the starting point. Where it all begins. It is the reason for you wanting to make the changes you seek. There is no growth and no light forming at the end of the tunnel until you decide ‘why’. There was a time when I did not know my purpose. Maybe you feel that

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Element of Fear

There is element of fear that is spread throughout our lives. We are all different, and process fear in many ways. My mission is to preach the benefits of how, in that exact moment, we have the ability to overcome the feeling that overwhelms us. The fear of how others will judge us, the fear

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