Darren Miller Commits to Sub-3² Marathon as Benefit Race

Darren E. Miller, professional speaker and the first American male to complete the Ocean’s Seven Challenge, has committed to attempting the Sub 3² marathon on Saturday, June 20, 2015 at Presque Isle State Park on Lake Erie. Miller will attempt this feat at 6:00 am and hopes to become the first person in history to complete a back-to-back marathon run of 42 kilometers and a marathon swim of 10 kilometers in one day.

In order to complete his goal, Miller must finish the Sub 3² marathon in less than six hours – achieving both the run and swim in less than three hours each. In addition, Miller must complete the marathon swim without aid of a wetsuit, fins or paddles. Miller’s fiancé, Alli DeFrancesco and Josh Heynes, marathon swimmer, Ironman and founder of the Lake Erie Open Water Swimming Association, will serve as head crew to support the swimming portion, along with other Canadian marathon swimmers. The marathon run will follow the Presque Isle Half and Erie Marathon courses.

“Presque Isle is the ideal setting for me to attempt the Sub 3² marathon, as it is close to home and the site of my first 5 kilometer open-water race back in 1999,” says Darren Miller. “This challenge will push my limits as an endurance athlete and enable me to help support the journey and health struggles of someone near to my heart.”

In previous open-water swims, Miller strived to raise awareness and recognition for Team Forever and the “Forever Fund,” charitable foundations that Miller played an integral role in establishing to help families with children in need of cardiothoracic care. However, Miller’s upcoming Sub 3² marathon attempt is being held in honor of his fiancé’s 11-year old cousin, Julia, who was recently diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a rare form of cancer which forms in the bone. As her battle begins, Julia and her family will be challenged in a way many will never know, resulting in Miller making this a benefit race to support their journey. Contributions can be made to First Descents in Julia’s honor.

For additional information on Miller’s charitable efforts and community involvement, visit www.darren-miller.com. Miller is also an accomplished public speaker who is available to speak professionally to corporate groups around the country regarding his concept of “Every Breath a Gift” and the Seven ‘Essentials’ between endurance athletics and business. These essentials motivate his audience to strive for their full potential by learning to push their physical and mental limits.