Personalized Coaching

Speaker Coaching

For more than a decade, Darren has been addressing audiences of 5-5,000 across the United States, Europe and Asia. Through his extensive financial industry resume, endurance athletic career and philanthropic journey, Darren meticulously crafted the F.O.R.E.V.E.R. Essentials to implement strategy with Fortune 500 companies, national sales teams and all levels of education. His clients learn how to draft their ideas, create a defined message and market themselves to their target audience. Most importantly, to develop the reason as to why a group would hire them to speak.

Endurance Coaching

Since 2008, Darren has been competing at ultra-marathon running and open water swimming events ranging from 100-mile ultras, to the English Channel. He has coached, and crewed for national and international athletes across the world. His successful clients range from the beginner looking to make a positive change, to elite athletes wanting to break a stagnant routine. His ‘outside the box’ mentality separates him from his competition.