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Darren E. Miller - Professional Motivator

Darren Miller’s athletic feats and charitable initiatives concerning Team Forever and the Forever Fund, have made him a familiar face in many communities; both at the local, national and international scale. Darren’s passion for inspiring leadership and driving personal growth are clearly evident during his frequently scheduled professional speaking engagements. Darren speaks under his personal motto ‘Every Breath A Gift’, highlighting the ‘F.O.R.E.V.E.R. Essentials’ by incorporating lessons learned throughout a career in financial sales, endurance athletics and philanthropy. He leverages these essentials to challenge his audience to strive for their full potential by learning to push their physical and mental limits.

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“Darren spoke at several events we held for our best advisors.  His inspirational message of perseverance, dedication and giving back was engaging and motivational for everyone.  We had great feedback and Darren’s willingness to really engage with and get to know his audience really sets him apart from many speakers.”

–  Shannon Reid, SVP, Northeast Director, Private Client Group Education and Practice Management

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Work / Family / Passions

It is essential to keep these three pillars of our lives consistently firing on all cylinders! Darren often encounters people who struggle because they are missing one in their lives. It is about developing a stronger person, which will in turn creates a stronger salesman, parent or leader. When you live the example of loving your family, working hard and keeping your passions alive, you cannot help but find the success you desire!

Third Boat

The Third Boat is the most powerful visual Darren experienced on his journey swimming across five continents in pursuit of the Oceans Seven challenge. He would ‘see’ a boat beside him with family and friends he lost, reminding him to keep moving forward during his darkest times. By maintaining focus on the ultimate goal, he was able to leverage this motivation to carry him through some of the most difficult athletic feats around the world. Darren challenges his audience to find their own Third Boat, and leverage that visual to push through any difficulty they face.

F.O.R.E.V.E.R. Essentials

Motivation is the most difficult business asset to acquire. To handle this issue, Darren developed the F.O.R.E.V.E.R. Essentials by way of a decade of grueling business and endurance challenges. His powerful seminars are meant to not only inspire, but to engage the audience with unique visuals to assist in the achievement of their daily goals. Darren understands the mindset of the salesman, and employs tactics to implement the necessary steps to acquire success in their personal and professional lives. He fully embraces individual themes for each event, and works one-on-one with management to fully customize every presentation based on client needs.

FORGE The Mental Tenacity To Never Have Any Option But Success.

Primary Take-Away

Break-out sessions geared toward examining how one typically approached a workforce challenge, and acquiring more effective strategies to topple the mountain in their day.  These new ways should be daunting, challenging and potentially be outside of their comfort zone.

OPEN Your Eyes To Appreciate Life And Be Remembered For More Than Financial Gain.

Primary Take-Away

Round table discussion where audience is asked to be open and honest to share the focus of their legacy they are looking to leave behind for their loved ones.  Discussions open doors to more empowering ways to live. Exercise is easily repeatable to duplicate with clients, as the most successful relationships you build in life are those with meaning behind them. The deeper the relationship, the less chance they will ever leave you for a competitor.

REMEMBER To Always Keep Your Family, Work And Passions At Equal Levels.

Primary Take-Away

Team members asked to fill-out job aid which lists the Family, Work and Passions under the three pillars. Through a strategic rating system, the exercise jogs the mind of the colleague to recall those three vital pieces surrounding the three pillars, and how often they are experiencing those in their lives and the workforce. The direct implication to sales is simple – a happier, joyous individual is a more successful salesperson, engaged employee and household leader.

EMBRACE Positive Self-Talk To Keep Moving Forward Throughout The Day.

Primary Take-Away

Leaders are asked to list the times they struggled at the end of their day. The main point is to write down those specific times, and go through each one individually. Keep a running list of your failures, and once your confidence grows, revisit them in the future. In the same way, it is vital to celebrate your success. Finally, compare the lists. Why were you successful at some goals, versus others? Finally, compare the lists. Why were you successful at some goals, versus others? When you realize how successful you can become by simply your thoughts alone, that will give you the courage to embrace any challenge you face.

VISUALIZE The Hero In Your Life Who Drives You Through The Darkest Times.

Primary Take-Away

Visualization is about leveraging the view of seeing yourself accomplishing the task you have challenged yourself with. A successful visualization is one which gives courage and strength. A great practice with visualization begins with spending roughly 30-minutes/week in a quiet environment. This is an opportunity to ‘see’ all the things in life they want to accomplish, and visualize the steps to get there. Audience is asked to close their eyes and visualize those heroes in their life. Embrace the round table discussion of those heroes, their story and the impact they had. Talk about the advice they would give. The appreciation for their gift was meant to be shared.

ESTABLISH A Winning Time Management Approach By Removing Distractions For Success.

Primary Take-Away 

Audience asked to complete the hourly worksheet for an ‘average day’ during their past week. Hour by hour, sales person completes the job aid to identify where they have extra time in their day. While every day is different, this needs to be a general overlook at their day. If you find two hours a day, times that by seven and you just found fourteen extra hours in your week to use towards success. This is time you can use towards calling efforts, networking events, personal marketing efforts, etc. It is a practice which helps eliminate the extra hours every week that are unproductive, and put them to work.

REINFORCE Standards Of Leadership By Driving Momentum Through Your Actions.

Primary Take-Away

Audience asked to draft a statement of their ‘Leadership Policy’. What is their 30-second statement they would want to reinforce within their team as to the guiding principles? Think it as an elevator speech for their business as leaders – why should anyone want to follow you as a leader in the workforce? The examples demonstrated at the table can spark conversation and create an environment of learning as to how other leaders set the example in their office. A stronger table leader will have excellent examples, and a weaker leader will learn how to challenge themselves to set a better example for their team.

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