Professional Speaking

For Meeting Planners

 “His successes are remarkable and a credit to his upbringing, humble nature…” – Steven Munatones, Creator, Ocean’s Seven Challenge

Promotional Headshots

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Presentation Agreements

Each of Darren’s exciting presentations are full customizable based on the individual needs of your organization, therefore the Presentation Agreement will be drafted and included for your Meeting Planner after the initial consultation.

Audio/Visual ‘Asks’

  • Darren has spoken to groups of 5 or 5,000. While his voice projects very well, please include a wireless microphone he can wear since he engages the audience and does not like to have his hands tied to holding one.
  • Darren is always looking to obtain higher quality video and photography for promotional purposes. If your facility has the ability to take a video recording along with a lavaliere microphone and professional photography, please make him aware.
  • Darren utilizes presentation slides via his laptop computer. Please make sure your projector has the necessary cables which connect to a laptop. Also, since his presentations include energetic video, he asks that audio speakers are made available to broadcast sound to your audience.
  • Please make a long table available in the rear of the meeting space where Darren has the ability to display photography from his travels, as well as promotional materials for himself and his charity.
  • Please keep his introduction short and sweet. A brief biography on Darren will be included along with the ‘Presentation Agreement’ for use to introduce this dynamic speaker. If your audience is interested in asking questions after the presentation, Darren has no problem making himself available.
  • Finally, LET’S GET EXCITED. Darren’s presentations are sure to gather your attention from start to finish. He is driven to motivate your team, and inspire others to change their lives to lead by example. Nothing is more rewarding than a fun and engaging audience!

 “The definition of being relentless”
– Nigel Hearme, President, Chevron

“He is a hero who inspires heroism”
– Melissa McKernan, Financial Services Group

“Sometimes you just know… the power of together makes the exceptional achievable”
– Peter Dochinez, Sponsor