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  • Leadership

    “Some people dream of worthy accomplishments, while others stay awake and do them.” It only seemed fitting to write about a recent find in my fortune cookie because the biggest challenge we all face in life is to only dream about our goals, or the ability to take the necessary steps toward them. Lack of confidence in ourselves to achieve is the greatest threat we face as a generation looking to make the necessary changes our country requires. Real leadership […]
  • Growing Your Life Resume

    The most financially successful people I have met had one common characteristic: they didn’t let the comments of those who didn’t believe in them affect their outlook. We are a generation which cares so much about how others view us, that we get lost in the shuffle of either wanting to be someone else, or giving up on our dream because someone told us we weren’t any good. At some point we are all told to not go after something […]
  • Smile Through The Pain

    Passion for life is everything. Leverage what you love, and use it to help others. I find the hardest thing is meeting people that have so much ability, but don’t believe in themselves. Whether you believe it or not, you are destined to do amazing things. The longer we take to start attacking our challenges, the closer we come to our final hour when life won’t give us any more chances. There will come a day where your gift will […]
  • The Healthy Lifestyle Change

    I get asked a lot about diet. Honestly, it is one of the greatest feelings to help someone reach a healthier lifestyle. A diet is useless. Losing 10 pounds for the beach in two weeks, only to gain 15 back a week after does not make any sense. If you’re considering losing weight, focus on a LIFESTYLE CHANGE, rather than drastic, short term goals which are not beneficial in the long run. The ultimate goal is to lose the weight […]
  • Let Freedom Ring

    Running around the Point this morning, the sun glistened off the water as it rose about the Allegheny, warming my path as I did 1K fast repeats around Point State Park. It was chilly out, but I’ll take the cold every day for training if able as I love running when the temperature drops. I was reminded of one of my favorite song lyrics from the Dropkick Murphy’s: “So as you walk out the door Take care, and always be […]
  • confidence

    The HARDEST thing we’ll ever face in life is the realization of how little time we have to make a difference. We should only fear the day we realize life might have passed us by – it is by far the worst tragedy. When you leverage the possibility of what you can achieve, it has an incredible outcome for not only you, but those you impact. Seize those passions in your life and never let go – no matter what. […]
  • Darren Miller Commits to Sub-3² Marathon as Benefit Race

    Darren E. Miller, professional speaker and the first American male to complete the Ocean’s Seven Challenge, has committed to attempting the Sub 3² marathon on Saturday, June 20, 2015 at Presque Isle State Park on Lake Erie. Miller will attempt this feat at 6:00 am and hopes to become the first person in history to complete a back-to-back marathon run of 42 kilometers and a marathon swim of 10 kilometers in one day. In order to complete his goal, Miller […]
  • Sub-3 UPDATE – Presque Isle State Park

    On Saturday, June 20, 2015, I will tackle the ‘Sub-3² Challenge’ at Presque Isle State Park on beautiful Lake Erie. A few short hours north of Pittsburgh, it is the perfect setting to have a marathon run and a marathon swim, back-to-back. Our decision to change the setting from California to Pennsylvania was based on personal reasons. The run will follow the Presque Isle Half and Erie Marathon courses; a flat, 13.1-mile lakefront loop around the park. Confirmation on the marathon […]

    SUB-3² CHALLENGE ~Sub 3-hour road marathon, transition to a sub 3-hour marathon ocean swim. Brutal, yet simple~ I issue this challenge to the professional triathlon community because a charity race between two endurance athletes, mono-a-mono, would be an amazing way to not only push ourselves to the breaking point, but most importantly, create a media buzz by doing it in the name of charity! I picked the triathlon community out of respect, as I have seen first-hand the grueling […]
  • Shut It All Down

    There is a certain amount of safety we relish about being comfortable. We fear leaving the ‘bubble’ and heading out into the unknown. There are those who blaze a trail without fear, without a distinct direction, because their path doesn’t have a road map. They want more out of life. In order to find what has yet to be discovered, one has to see what isn’t there; where others have been blind. They understand that every breath we have is […]
  • Through the Fog

    We can’t expect to see the beauty of the world, when we struggle to see though negative ‘blindness’. It’s easy to put ourselves in a rut, and stay that way, because unfortunately that’s how a lot of the world operates. At church this past weekend, it was a blessing to hear the homily of Father Joe Freedy ( who reminded the congregation why he doesn’t watch television, or play video games, “Because I am too busy LIVING!” Aside from many […]
  • Let Nothing Stand In Your Way

    Every New Year brings new challenges to be SET AND ACCOMPLISHED! What goals do you have for yourself, or for your family in 2015? More importantly, what steps are you taking to get there? Only YOU can motivate yourself to begin that journey – one step at a time. Our promise to you: it will be worth it. 2014 was an amazing time of international competition, crewing, race-directing and helping progress the United States Winter Swimming Associations’ ( inaugural event this February. It also brought about the development of […]
  • The Battle

    Mother Nature has a way of throwing her weight around when we choose to challenge her. As winter hits full force here in western Pennsylvania, taking off on the frozen pavement in nothing more than running shorts, shirt, gloves and a hat allowed my body to be subjected directly to the cold. Something we all know I have a love for! Half-way through the run  yesterday, I was up against a fairly steep hill climb. At the bottom, calmness prevailed. […]
  • Keep the PASSION ALIVE…

    “I cannot do ______ because…” How often do you hear someone give you that line? I hear it a lot. In the long term plan, excuses are brutal. Not living or accomplishing your dreams because of some PERCEIVED WALL in your path leaves you a sub par life. I live life the best way I know how because there are many out there who haven’t been given the gift of health, and are struggling to hold onto life each and […]
  • Cold Water Crewing

    GREETINGS FROM NORTHERN IRELAND! Kim’s 13:06 success in the North Channel yesterday made her the 3rd female and 1st person from the southern hemisphere (New Zealand) to complete the ‘Oceans Seven’ Challenge! Amazing Job Kimberely!! We are (as well as supporters from around the world) SO PROUD!!! I wanted to write a blog to help give some advice to other observers, or crew members, aboard a cold water ocean endeavor. In the sport, we all have heard horror stories about […]
  • Training UPDATE

    Friends, Training these days has been a combination of running, swimming and Crossfit. I have found a lot of success with increased strength training which has not been much of a focus these past few years. Personally, when people ask me about any form of exercise, I respond with the way in which it is most helpful. Since beginning at Crossfit Tantrum in Murrysville back in early May, I’ve noticed that I have not done ANY physical therapy on my […]
  • Alone Time

    I often think about what I might have become if I continued ultra-running, and injury had not sidelined my endurance career in 2009. I was on a steady path to run longer and further, and yet God had other plans for me. Within one years’ time, I was set to funnel that addiction into swimming the English Channel in the name of charity. Where might have the path taken me if I was able to continue running? It is hard […]
  • A Beautiful Morning

    Today brought a few tears to my eyes, because for those of you who know me personally or have heard me speak, know how important the memory of my loved ones are in the grand view of life. I tie in their memory via the ‘Third Boat’ – the boat that follows me which is invisible to everyone else, but motivates me the most when I am beaten down and feel like I cannot move another inch. My mother had […]
  • Penn State Altoona Commencement Speech

    I was honored a few weeks back to give the commencement speech at the Penn State Altoona Spring graduation. I wanted to pass along the script I used because many of my family and friends have not yet had the opportunity to hear what I typically speak about. I wrote out the podium speech to make sure I kept it under the prescribed 20-minute address, since I have a tendency to go on for long periods of time! This was especially […]

     “The malicious acts of one or a few can never mask the acts of the good-willed – HEROES WILL ALWAYS PREVAIL.” This senseless act of violence hit home this morning, literally, asFranklinRegionalHigh Schoolis my alma mater. As an alumni, speaker and volunteer swimming coach at the school, I am angered today that someone took away that sense of safety and security I’ve had with my hometown. I grew up here, live and work in this community. I am sick that […]
  • Building the Legacy

    “With a hint of good judgment, to fear nothing, not failure or suffering or even death, indicates that you value life the most. You live to the extreme; you push limits; you spend your time building legacies. Those do not die.” This past week I have learned a lot while traversing the countryside around northern Finland, but perhaps the most vital lesson was the overpowering human spirit to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible. If we spend our […]
  • ‘Take Off Your Clothes. Get To The Water’

    Saturday marked the first day of competition for me, and it started with a breakfast at the Guesthouse Borealis with the team. We took the taxi over to the competition and each of us got set to compete in the 25m and 50m freestyle that day; my first experience sprinting in cold water! When it came time to report, the swimmers would enter an area of trailers which safely housed our belongings while we entered the staging area before we […]
  • …and the competition begins!

    Cristian (Chile/USA), Matias (Argentina), Natalia (Argentina), Pablo (Argentina), Brad (USA), Melissa (USA) and Jackie (Britain) arrived at the Borealis Guesthouse in south-east Rovaniemi Wednesday afternoon to register for the Winter Swimming World Championships at Hotel Pohjanhovi along the Ounaskoski River. It is amazing to know there are over 34 countries representing at the Championships, with over 1,200 swimmers taking part in the festivities! Cristian and I went and registered for our events, and were greeted with big smiles and warm […]
  • With Love from Rovaniemi

      Woke up in a hurry yesterday morning around 4:39am (hit the snooze button only once!) as Adam had to get me to the Newark train station by around 5:35am for my trip to King’s Cross in downtown London, where I would get the Picadilly Line out to Heathrow Terminal 3. Lady and Daisy were a little confused as to why we were up after only a few hours’ sleep, but nonetheless, were eager to play and receive attention! Muffin […]
  • With Love from Dover

    I awoke in the morning yesterday to the wonderful delight of Daisy, Adam and Gemma’s black lab who began licking my face from the bedside as I proceeded to pet her. However, Lady, their golden retriever was not going to allow for that attention, heard the movement, and was also keen on receiving some love and affection when she entered the room. Two beautiful puppies at your bedside; is there a better alarm clock? Muffin, their rather fluffy, tan and […]

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