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The colder weather has been a much welcomed addition to my training plan, as I absolutely love hitting the trails with the changing leaves and a chill in the air! This summer has turned out a 100-miler, 50-miler and most recently, a new course record at the Lt. JC Stone 50K Trail ultra-marathon in North Park (Pittsburgh). I was ecstatic to win my first ultra, and could not be happier than to do so close to home.

Alli, Reagan and I recently returned from a 2+ week trip out to San Diego to visit family, deliver a speech for Raymond James and run the Chimera 100! Wow. That was a brutal race. 22,000ft of ascent proved to be quite an amazing challenge! I finished top-5 overall, with a time of 25:40; not too shabby considering my training the past few weeks has been away from where it needed to be due to travel, and learning the art of fatherhood!! Even more exciting was the opportunity to apply for the Western States 100-mile Endurance Run in June 2017 due to my qualifying Mohican Trail 100 run back in June. The WSER is the equivalent of the Boston Marathon to marathon runners. In addition, the Chimera actually qualified me to apply for the 2018 Western States as well. Fingers crossed to see if I get picked from the lottery drawaing!!

Taking a few weeks off of heavy training, and switching into maintainence mode until after the Christmas season. This body needs some time to heal before we start crushing the trails again soon!



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Endurance Athletics: Challenges

As we all move forward in our lives, let us pray for the opportunities to grow in strength and love. Not only for mental and physical strength to get through the day and whatever challenges we are up against, but also never forgetting to love the incredible journey we are all traveling, and being thankful for the OPPORTUNITY TO LIVE!

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