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Loving the recent weather change in western Pennsylvania!

I have been battling a fractured tibia for the last two months, and hoping to get back on my feet soon enough! Fortunately, I have been enjoying the recent change over to swimming further and further, and am excited about looking to swimming some more Pennsylvania lakes this summer. We have so many beautiful settings in the Commonwealth to tackle, and I cannot wait to explore them even more.

Our daughter, Reagan, is just shy of 7-months old, and closing in fast on her 1st Birthday! She is constantly smiling, loves her doggies and always giving us “morning monologues” at varied pitches! We are overjoyed with how she is loving life, as well as her first swimming lessons. I feel as though we will have another Channel swimmer in the family 😉

Planning for the 2017 3RMS is in full-swing, with the swim application available under the Three Rivers Marathon Swim section of the website. If there are more slots available, please consider signing up, or volunteering to be a part of a wonderful event in the three rivers surrounding the City of Champions!



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Endurance Athletics: Challenges

As we all move forward in our lives, let us pray for the opportunities to grow in strength and love. Not only for mental and physical strength to get through the day and whatever challenges we are up against, but also never forgetting to love the incredible journey we are all traveling, and being thankful for the OPPORTUNITY TO LIVE!

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“Darren exudes a passion for life and enthusiasm for challenge that is undeniably inspiring. We were extremely fortunate to have him visit Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and share his strategies for overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds. We are often told in our medical training that the road to becoming a physician is a series of marathons and it can appear daunting at times. The tools Darren shared for finding passion in the face of such challenge will not only serve our residents during their training, but continue to benefit them throughout their medical practice.”
Rocco Addante, MD, Department of Anesthesiology, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center