Three Rivers Marathon Swim

Team Forever will host the 4th Annual Three Rivers Marathon Swim (3RMS) on Saturday, September 23, 2017. This unique open water swimming event benefits Team Forever, which donates 100% of the 3RMS profit to the Forever Fund. The fund benefits local families in need of help to cover the costs associated with infant cardiothoracic surgery at the UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.

The 2017 3RMS will be open for a mass start of 15 marathon swimmers. This will be a solo event only with application available via this website beginning April 22, 2017. We will accept applications until we reach our 15 swimmer limit. 

We launch at 7AM with powered escorts, kayaking teams and all crew from Kayak Pittsburgh North Shore, ( and head over to “the Point” ( where swimmers will begin with a water start from the Point State Park Fountain. I will wait until daybreak for safety reasons, so +/- 7:30AM.

  • Swimmers will be fed from a designated kayak. Additional supplies (water/supplements) will be on the second kayak. Should it be required, additional water will be available aboard one of our six powered escort boats (2 per river) which will patrol the course during the entire swim.
  • Swimmers will have the opportunity to bring a family member/crew if they choose. The crew member can either kayak as a volunteer with the swimmer, or ride aboard one of our roaming escort boats.
  • Crew, including own kayakers, will be made known via the race application.
  • Swimmers will have two kayak volunteers to flank them at all times.
  • Swimmers can bring their own kayakers with them, however, not their own kayaks. Part of the entrance fee goes to cover the kayaks from Kayak Pittsburgh North Shore who have been kind enough to allow us a 50% discount, plus the ability to launch from the Allegheny Landing dock.

Swimmers will swim north, current assist, along 5K of the Ohio River where they will turn around at Brunot Island, and swim 5K, against the current, back to the city. Once the swimmers hit the Point State Park 10K mark, they will begin swimming against the current to the half-way point (15K) on the Monongahela River, for the Hot Metal Bridge turnaround point Swimmers will return to the starting point once again for the 20K mark. Swimmers will make the turn around the Point, and head out against the tide of 5K of the Allegheny River to the 40th Street Bridge, and head back (current assist) the final 5K to the Point (along the city-side of the Allegheny) the original starting point, for a buoy finish. Swimmers will exit the water via their powered escort, and return to the Kayak Pittsburgh North Shore location. #rockstar

Finishing awards, swimmer hotel, banquet dinner and dancing TBD!

  • Distance: 30K – 10K, out-and-back 5K, in each of the three rivers; Ohio (1) Monongahela (2) and Allegheny (3)
  • Format: 2 kayakers/swimmer, powered escort boats and Pittsburgh River Rescue/Pittsburgh Police/Coast Guard in support
  • Water Temperature: Wide range. Average +/-70F; Air Temperature 56F Low, 71F High
  • Water Conditions: Usually calm during first 10K (Ohio River), boat traffic and potential headwinds churn up the Monongahela and the Allegheny Rivers. Overall, current is minimal. Keep in touch with local river conditions (
  • **Time Cutoff** Strict 12-hours cut-off. 4-hour 10K pace. I don’t want people out in the dark, and rather them alongside their fellow marathon swimmer at the finishing award banquet!
  • Swimming Attire: Wear your Speedo, cap and goggles kids…

The 2017 3RMS will once again be a charity fundraising event for Team Forever, which directly benefits the Forever Fund at the UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. Please visit for a history of the charity. Interested swimmers can stay tuned to my website, Facebook updates ( and the Marathon Swimmers Forum. You are always welcome to direct any questions to me at

This marathon swimming event will not only give hope and encouragement, but will provide the opportunity for families to remain together during the biggest challenges of their lives. Can you handle swimming 30K through the Monongahela, Ohio and the Allegheny Rivers?


Darren E. Miller, Race Director

Click Here to download the 2017 Three Rivers Marathon Swim Application.

Click Here to download the 2017 Three Rivers Marathon Swim Application.

2016 Results (3rdTime Test Swim)

The event this year was an alumni relay event to finalize the official route beginning in front of the fountain at Point State Park, and utilizing 30K (18.6-miles) of the Ohio, Monongahela and Allegheny Rivers! Kim Plewa (NJ), Janet Manning (MD), Melodee Nugent (WI), Anthony McCarley (PA) and Tim Bachman (PA) took turns completing the 9:08, 30K course, which averaged around 76-77F water temperature, and 68-75F mix of clouds and sunshine! Light winds, with the occasional gust, with little flow to report.

2015 Results (2nd Time Test Swim)

Sarah Thomas (Colorado) and John Humenik (Pennsylvania) – 7:48:48 *NEW COURSE RECORD

Kristin Jones (Arizona) – 8:25:00

Chris Greene (Georgia) – 8:35:50

Kimberly Plewa (New York) – 10:16:34

2014 RESULTS (1st Timed Test Swim):

09:15 – Melodee Nugent (Wisconsin)

11:37 – Anthony McCarley (Pennsylvania)

12:24 – Janet Manning (Maryland)


The Three Rivers Marathon Swim (3RMS) follows the ‘Rules of Marathon Swimming’ and is currently pending sanctioning approval through the World Open Water Swimming Association. See the official Rules of Marathon Swimming web page for more details.

Total Distance: 30K (10K in the Ohio, Allegheny and Monongahela)
a. Swimmers enter the water at Point State Park, and connect with the Ohio River. They travel along the NORTH SIDE of the Allegheny/Ohio River – always remaining ‘close’ to shore. Teams then head around Brunot Island.
b. Once arriving back downtown, they head directly toward the Point State Park fountain, where they connect with the Monongahela River, and swim up along the CITY SIDE. They pass the Mon Wharf, Allegheny County Jail, Duquesne University and turnaround at the large orange buoy on the left just below the Hot Metal Bridge. Head back down the Monongahela River, go AROUND Point State Park (in front of the fountain) and connect with the Allegheny River.
c. The final leg is along the CITY SIDE of the Allegheny River. This will be the toughest 5K of the day, as not only is the swimmer tiring, but the flow of the Allegheny River can be stronger. Once you hit the 5K buoy on your right, head back downtown on the CITY side of the River. They will enjoy the final 5K, as the current will be moving very quickly. Teams will finish with a ‘hand touch’ of the final buoy, which will be situated at the floating dock in front of Point State Park.

Starting and Finishing Line: Point State Park, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Wet suits and apparel other than standard marathon swimming attire is not permitted on this swim. No exceptions!  


If you have any questions, or sponsorship inquires, please email Darren Miller at

Visit Darren’s YouTube page to learn more about Team Forever and the ‘Oceans Seven’ Challenge.